REVIEW: Apple iPad Case/Stand


Product: Apple iPad Case
Price: $39.99 USD
Designer: Apple

When I went to my local Best Buy to purchase my iPad a few weeks ago I immediately knew I’d be needing a case or stand for it. Among the available inventory at said Best Buy was this monstrosity! With average use you’ll find that it is very sensitive to scuff marks and dirt. Granted it is very easy to get rid of the offensive marks with a dap rag or towel but, who wants to clean their case everyday?! The entire case, minus the area where the back of the iPad rests inside the case, is covered in some kind of silky material. Where the iPad is placed is a tight enough squeeze to hold your iPad in place yet it makes it hard for easy removal. So, for those of us that would casually use this product, this feature is not a plus! Positive feature? Hmm…, if you bought your iPad to only use as an ePhoto frame the ability to stand it on it’s spine as pictured is great. If you use your iPad to watch various types of media standing it on it’s spine or resting it on it’s back would create an odd viewing angle. Unless your a child, teens and adults of average height would tower above the product’s placement on a flat surface causing neck strain. Now, if you use your iPad for various word editing functions and you plan on resting it in your lap the Apple case is perfect for adding an extra angle for desired comfort. If you were thinking of purchasing this case, don’t, the cons far outweigh the pros!

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