iOS 4.3 GM coming soon? official release March 2nd?


As Boy Genius Report states

“One of our Apple sources has just informed us that it looks like Apple has finalized the code for its upcoming iOS 4.3 release. The build, we’re told, is 8F190 for those keeping track. Maybe we’ll see this release unify the Verizon iPhone OS-wise as well? We’ll probably see this in the wild next week if we had to bet…”

Some sources speculate that the GM, or Golden Master which is usually the final and public version except the 4.2/4.2.1 debacle, version of the 4.3 firmware could become available to developers as early as today! Remember the official way to obtain this firmware is to be a developer or have your iDevice’s UDID number register on a dev’s account. Now if you want to feel like a pirate you can always hit the torrents for the firmware. Also, remember that no official jailbreak for iOS 4.3 has been released by the dev-team so if you rely on jailbreak and/or unlock I would hold off on updating! Hopefully a full feature list will be released soon along with the GM!


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