REVIEW: Speck Candyshell ipad case


Product: Speck Candyshell Case
Manufacturer: Speck
Price: $31.99 usd

This Speck Candyshell iPad case comes highly recomended! The case comes in 5 different colors and retails for around $32. Just like the Candyshell cases for iphones and iPod touches, the outter shell is glossy plastic with a rubber coating inside. The two flaws ive found is the case is only a little thick and therefor adds weight to the iPad. Another is the rubber button covers for the volume buttons and the sleep awake button are a littler tougher to press. there are cut-outs for the mic, headphone port, mute switch, speaker, and a piece of the case lifts up giving access to the 30 pin connecter for a dock or the apple keyboard. One flaw that is not the fault of Speck or the case is you can’t see the Apple logo on the back so therefor no one but you would know your on an iPad!


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