UPDATED!!! Sunday is “FUNDAY”! iOS 4.3.1 JB incoming!


Image via JailbreakZone.com

@MuscleNerd has confirmed that redsn0w, a jailbreak tool, has been set for a release today! The jailbreak is said to work on 4.3.1, no confirmation on support for 4.3! It is suggested that you open cydia and make a manual back up of all tweeks and apps that are important to you, that is if your going the restore route! Remember that no e.t.a. has been given other than today so dont start your nerdy bitching and moaning if its not released till sometime close to midnight! Remember it’s Sunday until 12:01 am! Also there is no word if running this over an already tethered 4.3 jailbreak will convert it to untethered! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

via @iH8sn0w:

“Fun tip: Whenever @i0n1c’s untether comes, you can run it right over a tethered sn0wbreeze jailbreak. :)”


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