Trial and error with iPad camera connection kit!


After trying different methods of obtaining pre-recorded video for iMovie on iPad 1, I have come up with the following tricks to import video that iMovie will recognize!

1. First make sure any video or photo is inside a folder scheme such as /DCIM/100APPLE (the 100APPLE folder can have any name after the “100”)

2. For media files, both photo and video, must be named IMG_XXXX (replace X with 4 numbers) with extension .jpg for photos and .mov for videos.

3. If a video has a filename such as “fun in the sun.mp4” simply rename the file either on your pc or directly on iPad using iFile.

4. If after importing the media iMovie doesnt show the file simply download reeldirector for iPad and import the video there and have reeldirector render the video then choose to export the video to camera roll then iMovie will see the video file.

As time progresses and I use different sources to record video I’ll continue to update this post as needed.


One thought on “Trial and error with iPad camera connection kit!

  1. Laker

    Hey, I think you really know your stuff. There is a display error however under the fold just below the pages. But nice site anyway! Keep it up!

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