Review: QWIKI for iPad.



I must say Qwiki for iPad is a nifty little app! Currently free in the AppStore Qwiki is a very appealing alternative to wikipedia and those dusty old things our parents and grandparents used called encyclopedias. Now, first off, let me tell you this app will not give you full details on an article as Wikipedia does but, gives a much shorter somewhat abbreviated version of what wikipedia has to offer. You can choose to have a somewhat female human voice, as human as a computer can generate, read the article aloud to you. If you dont like the voice you can simply turn it off in the settings menu or by tapping its icon at the bottom of the article. The info is presented in Qwiki like a power point or keynote, for you mac users, presentation with various slides including pictures above the article text thats currently being read to you. If your the type of person that likes to get a short bit of information on a curious subject at any random moment you choose then Qwiki is worth the storage space.

Get Qwiki on the AppStore



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