WWDC 2011 is almost here! June 6th-10th.



With WWDC 2011 keynote this Monday, I thought I’d share my list of hopes for iOS 5!

1. Better notification system!

•The current notification sytem is a lot like a bratty child. If your in the middle of something and you get some sort of notification an annoying blue box pops up on top of what your doing and demands attention! This is especially annoying when playing games!

2. Widgets.

•This is an area where Android and even Windows Phone 7 prevails. A lot of times people just want to access quick info on the fly without journeying deep into an app. Why would i want to wait for the weather app to load just to see what its gonna be like outside when a quick tap on a widget can do it much fast?!

3. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time!!!

•Its all fine and dandy that apple FINALLY let us use a bt keyboard with our idevices without the need for jailbreaking but, whats the point if theres no mouse? You still have to put ur grimey fingers on the screen to make selections, especially text box selections to begin typing in info.

4. FM HD Radio

•While this isnt that big of a deal, since the broadcom chips inside all iDevices have FM transmitters flip them suckers on! Give us HD radio on the go and not just in our cars!


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