ZAGGmate Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad.



Manufacturer: ZAGGmate
Price: $99.99

In need of a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad? Need a protective case for your iPad? Well ZAGGmate has the answer to your needs! The ZAGGmate bluetooth keyboard and case for iPad 1 & 2. With this case you can rest the iPad on the keyboard in portrait or landscape; or should your keyboards battery die you can place the iPad in landscape mode over the keyboard using the devices on screen keyboard. The ZAGGmate bt Keyboard has a micro usb port to connect to your laptop or other usb charging device. I’ve had this keyboard case for 4 days and havent charged it since purchasing. The only problem you face with this keyboard as with any bluettoth device + iPad is the degredation of wifi. This case is definetly worth the $100, but if you can find this at a second hand store for a certain percent off (i found it for 90% off) then great!!! When used as a case the iPad sits face down exposing the it’s aluminum back, for added protection I suggest some sort of skin for the back! The keys are very ergonomic. The only downfall is the cheap fealing plastic kickstand the iPad rests on. Comming from ZAGGmate youd expect better quality. The case alone is very light weight, with the iPad added the case is no more heavier than the iPad itself. I categorise this as a must buy!


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