iOS 5 Announced! 200 New Features, Top Ten Featured.



1. Notification Center.

No more notification interuptions! Swipe down to reveal Notification Center, a home for all recieved notifications. The on screen pop up is that of Mobile Notifier and similiar to the Android notification center.

2. iMessage.

Think BBM for iOS! Any iOS 5 user on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch can send messages containing text, video, or images to one another. Theres no word on how it works but one can bet it will use your Apple I.D.!

3. Newsstand

Just the same as iBooks but exclusively for magazines!

4. Reminders.

So leave it to Apple to revolutionise the to-do list!

5. iOS wide Twitter intergration.

Tweet sites, photos, and more to your friends!
6. Camera.

Volume up to snap a photo!

7. Photos.

Crop and rotate photos on screen.


Reading list and tabbed browsing.

9. PC FREE!!! (Possibly the best feature!)

You no longer need to own a personal computer to use an iOS 5 device. Download iOS updates over the air in “delta” form (only what has changed)!

10. Other features:

New mail, calender, game center, and now WI-FI SYNC!!! (if jailbroken you’ve been able to do this for a while now!

Deatils on these features can be found <a href="here!


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