How the iPad is the Greatest Device Ever Made!



You can call me a fan boy all you want but, in my opinion Apple’s iPad is the greatest device ever (so far). It has replaced so many devices for so many users. The only time I use my laptop now is to update my iPad or sync media to or from my device. With iOS 5 and the iCloud there will be no need for a pc! For many, including myself, it has replaced the need for a dvd or blu-ray player. Simply download movies from the iTunes store or make back-ups of your disks to your hard drive and add to iTunes. Then with the iPad connected to a tv via apple tv or hdmi cable play the media on the big screen.


For many it has replaced the need for a radio in the car using stored music or radio apps like Pandora. Many college students now prefer using the iPad to laptops as the iPad is light weight and compact. The iPad has many word processing apps available in the AppStore to satisfy such needs for everyone from college students to lawyers and authors.


Even the current iPad ad “Now” tells you how great it is, “You can watch a newspaper, listen a magazine, see a phone call, curl up to a movie, take a classroom anywhere, take an entire bookstore anywhere and touch the stars”.


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