Enable Screensavers On Your iOS Device!


Have you ever seen a demo iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch unit in your favorite electronics store and wish your device could play a screensaver like they do? Well now you can! Ok this is starting to sound like the opening of an infomercial! To get this feature track down “Screensaver” from Cydia. The app comes with 5 video designed for iPhone and iPod touch screens but does work for iPad! Simply find a video of your liking and, if your down for some editing, set the frame for 768×1024. Then, depending on your prefered choice of orientation, rotate the video accordingly and zoom the video in to fill the frame. Next render the video in 768×1024 at 23.976 fps in mp4 format. Then if you have iFile simply transfer the video to “/var/mobile/library/screensaver” and change the extension to .mov (no conversion needed here, the app only recognizes .mov videos but will still play the renamed file). Open the “Screensaver” app then select the video and after you close the app you can either respring or wait for auto lock to see your creation!


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