REVIEW: “Hedgehog Adventure”



Now Available for iOS is “Hedgehog Adventure”. No not our little blue friend Sonic the hedgehog! This game is a big rip-off of “Storm In A Cup”. If you liked “Storm In A Cup” then you’ll love this game, I myself liked neither. Gameplay is basic left or right and jump. The controls as basic as they are need improvement on reaction time. I noticed that on a fresh start or restart of a level when the hedgehog is in the upright position he or she rolls up first then begins rolling, this should happen automatically as an opening sequence of some kind. Also, there was a delay in its reaction to me pressing the left or right indicator often causing my character to die. As of this post there has been no update. How this game became an iTunes game of the week is beyond me because in my opinion this game is horrible! I do not suggest wasting your money on this game at all!



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