MEGA APP REVIEW: Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Draw Slasher, 9mm


First up in this mega review is “Spider-Man: Total Mayhem”. Through out the game you battle against different types of henchmen ending with a boss in the form of one of Spidey’s many foes! The only flaw I’ve noticed is Spider-man’s design, he is drawn and walks like a roid rage muscle head! The game is very enjoyable for fans and players just looking for a game to pass the time away!

Next up is “Draw Slasher”. This is you basic side scrolling game. Movement is tapping and holding on either side of the screen then your character bolts to that side. Zombies then appear on screen allowing you to kill them by drawing lines or even x’s across the zombie to have your ninja hack and slash said zombie! This is a VERY casual game best played when waiting in line or while waiting on your laundry! An interesting feature, in my opinion, sometimes between levels theres movie sequences that have you draw a specified shape in the form of slahes across the enemy!

Finally theres “9mm”. In the game you play a plain clothed cop. Theres action sequences where you slow down the play and are better able to target your enemies. This game is alot like the Grand Theft Auto series except its not an open world “sand box” game.



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