REVIEW: Fahrenheit Free



Developer: Ned Kubica
Price: FREE!!!
iOS Minimum Requirement: 3.2

Available now from developer Ned Kubica is Fahrenheit. This is your basic weather app and pleasantly so. Fahrenheit comes with features such as animated weather satellites for your region, recent Earthquakes and an Earth view. The one flaw I noticed is that when you open the app it asks to use your location but the app never updates the location and weather on screen. You have to manually change your location via a button at the bottom of the screen and input your zip code. So why ask to use locaion in the first place?! Also, in the free edition the update interval is 3 hours and the temperture at the time you open the app stays in a notification bubble atop the app’s icon and never changes or disaapears. If you tap on the screen anywhere inside the app you get an audio read out of the current temp, forecast and city name!


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