Why I’ll Never Buy an Android Device



…And why you shouldn’t either!

For one there are four major device makers running some version of android on said devices. Each device maker has a good 10 android devices currently or formerly on the market. The Android OS doesn’t look the same across all devices with the exception of ice cream sandwich or 4.0. A user can easily be confused if he or she were to go from using a Motorola device to say an htc device. Also the rollout of new OS’s amongst a single manufacturers devices can take some time. Motorola took 2 years to completely roll out Android 2.2 and by completetion the OS was a year and a half obsolete! Until Google forces device manufacturers to unify their handsets and have one pure clean OS, with no special skins or bloat ware, Android and the devices it’s on will never see the same success as Apple. Apple controls the look of their OS making the consumer experience all the more satisfying. A user can pick up any generation of it’s iOS devices and know how to operate it with ease. Buying an android device is like buying a pc that’s already 5 years obsolete. You can call me a fanboy if you want, that just makes me more right!


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