A Mayor Should Do His Job!


Lucedale City Courthouse

I always told myself I would never use this blog to post any kind of political view but I have to make an exception this one time. Now let me make this clear I’m only mentioning mayor of Lucedale Doug Lee because he is the one currently in office. Most of the opinions mentioned can apply to whomever would be mayor if it wasn’t Mr. Lee. Someone needs to start making the mayor do the job he was voted to do. While one could say that running for mayor in this small town is nothing but a popularity contest, which according to popular opinion it is, we as tax paying citizens need to make Mr. Lee do the job he was voted to do. Why has he done nothing to bring more jobs to the area?! The previous mayor did nothing also. It’s not entirely up to the businesses to decide upon bring themselves into different areas. Mayors entice them with tax rates and such. Now, I make no claims to know the inner workings of running a city but, I do know a little. Also, I’ve lived here since 1998 and have only seen two roads paved in that time. Now I know that Mr. Lee wasn’t the mayor during that entire time but he has been mayor twice with Dr. White being mayor between those two terms! The only thing I saw Dr. White do for the city is build a new entry way, walking paths and amphitheater for the park. Which by the way the only time the theater is used is during “Shakespeare In The Park”! Seriously our taxes went to waste there! It seems the only time any mayor of this city does anything to help the city is in the last year of their term. As a former employer of Mayor Doug Lee’s at his local place of business you hear a lot of talk floating around. I myself heard several people say that, at the time, he was only running for mayor to help towards his retirement. That means he’s only in it for the money! Do you really want someone like that running our city? By no means am I saying it’s true but, you’d be surprised how many rumors that floated around his local business that werent just about him were true. In interest of full disclosure I was fired from his business and in all honesty if I were still employed with the company I may not be writing this. Anyone currently or formerly employed with the company can tell you that if you speak out or go against the grain the managers began to find any reason to get rid of you and they definetly have their favorites. The entire point of this piece isn’t to bash Mr. Lee in any way at all. It is instead to provoke the thought thatno matter what town you live in, big or small, make your mayor do the job he was voted to do. I merely used what happens in this small town as an example. The mayor, of any town, should do things that better the city and its people throughout his entire term, not the last year or so! Now let the flame war begin!


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