REVIEW: Lili By BitMonster




Available for any device that supports iOS 5 or later is Lili by BitMonster, inc. The game sports beautiful retina graphics that could rival those of console and ps vita games. With it’s rich and highly detailed environments Lili is a must have game. Utilizing the Unreal Engine, users play as Lili a college student out looking for rare flowers to use in a report. Gameplay is ultra simple, tap to walk, double tap to run and simply drag your finger around the screen to look around and direct Lili where to go.



There’s a lot more to the adventure than just picking flowers. Players will come across “spirits” that grow flowers out of their heads. To defeat these spirits Lili must jump on their backs plucking the flowers in a specific sequence before the final special flower appears thus defeating said spirit. Go pick this game up now in the AppStore.


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