Will Sunday be Funday? iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Achieved!


iPhone 5C running Jailbroken iOS 7.1.1

Pictured above is an iPhone 5c running a jailbroken version of iOS 7.1.1 tweeted by @i0n1c. He also recently posted a youtube video demonstrating a jailbroken iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.1. Will Sunday truly be funday? Possibly not as @i0nic is well known for doing such things purely for attention or profit. But only time will tell. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates. Below is the demonstration video.


UPDATED!!! iOS 7 Beta 4 Expected Today!


As has been rumored since the (partial) return of Apple’s dev. center, iOS 7 beta 4 is expected today at 10 AM PST. Many non reputable blogs have been saying that Apple will scrap beta 4 and jump to beta 5. if this were true then that would mean, if Apple is truly maintaining a bi-weekly beta release, that we won’t see beta 5 until next Monday. Of course this page will be updated when the next beta of iOS 7 is released.

UPDATE: iOS 7 Beta 4 is now live via OTA and the developer center!


My Experience With Siri


Apple launched Siri, the virtual assistant, to the masses on the company’s iPhone 4S some 9 months ago. Since then opinions of the robotic assistant are mixed, to say the least. With a low success rate it’s no wonder many people are praising Google’s own virtual assistant now available on “Jelly Bean”. I have used Siri to send/reply to text messages, query the weather, queue up music and change the track, and voice dictation. The only real issue I continue to have is with sending a text message, reply is flawless. When I try to send a message the bubble, 9 times out of 10, stays on a dotted line message bubble. Siri dictation has been hit or miss, often mistaking simple words for something far fetched and off the wall. I have often times pulled a “Zoey Deschanel”, asking Siri if it is raining while its actually raining and got responses saying “No, it does not appear to be raining”. Apple stated that the virtual assistant will always be in beta, meaning they will be always adding features, but some basic features need to really be fixed. Many people that use Siri regularly know how to talk to Siri to get their desired results, the layman is the one that usually has the problem. With the average user having issues Apple’s commitment to making things easier is no longer valid if the everyday man can’t use its products. With iOS 6 expected in October with a tone of new features one can only hope they will address older issues without bringing more to the assistant.

Review: Captain America iPhone 4/4S Case By 86hero



Available for iPhone 4/4S by 86hero is the Captain America iPhone case. To look at the case one could think the back plate is brushed aluminum but holding it tells a different story. The case is 100% durable plastic. The case itself is 3 pieces, a top and bottom frame that fits together and the hard plastic back plate. The case adds 0 weight to the phone. The only downside is the iPhone will no longer sit flat on any surface with this case on, unless that bothers you it should not be a problem. 86hero payed amazing attention to detail with the Captain America shield and logo. Any fan of the Captain America franchise must definitely pick up this case.

“Candy Stripe” Retina iPhone Wallpapers


By Daniel Waldron


REVIEW: Incipio Crystal Feather Slim IPhone 4/4S case



Brand: Incipio
Price: $24.99

The Incipio feather ultralight hard shell case available for iPhone 4 and 4S is just what you’d expect. If you remember or owned a Case-Mate “Barely There” case for previous gen iPhones, then you’ll like this case. It’s ultra thin and light weight. While its not gonna prevent your iphone from shattering should you drop it but it will prevent scratches on the back of the iPhone. Remember that while the iPhone 4/4S glass itself is scratch proof, the oleophobic coating isn’t. This is a recommended buy for those that want an iPhone case that keeps the phone thin and lightweight and not at all bulky like other cases!