UPDATED!! iOS 6 Launch Today… Here’s Some Tips!


With iOS 6 set to launch at 1pm Eastern know that the servers could be slammed for most of the day and possibly till the late late hours of the night. If the excitement is to much for you or you want it now you can seek out the golden master (GM) version which is the same version that will be released to the public later today. Below are the estimated launch times by timezone and cities…

Note that there is no knowledge of iOS 6 being available over OTA download as this is only the second major OS to support OTA download… it may require a direct download via iTunes. Remember to upgrade to iOS 6 you will need iTunes 10.7 and iTunes 11 that was shown at the keynote last week wont be available till October! REMEMBER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DEVELOPER TO INSTALL THE iOS 6 GOLDEN MASTER VERSION NOR DO YOU NEED TO RE-INSTALL iOS 5.1.1! Below are several links to the iOS 6 Golden Master from various sources (remember torrents are faster)…

Jailbreak iOS 6
Jailbreak Station

UPDATE: iOS 6 is publically available to the masses also via OTA to iOS 5 users.


AirServer For Windows and Mac


For a long time only current generation Apple TV owners could bask in the glory of iOS AirPlay Mirroring. That is until now! AirServer is a simple tool that acts as an AirPlay end-point for both mac and pc. Currently the windows version doesnt stream audio of any kind but the developers state they are working to bring that version up to date with the mac version.

The game console for Mac/PC has arrived.
Combine your Mac/PC + iPhone/iPad into the ultimate gaming console. Simply install AirServer on your Mac/PC and beam over your favourite iOS games.
AirServer is also the first and only software that can Mirror your iPhone/iPad to your Windows PC.

Download Today!!