REVIEW: Avengers Initiative for iOS




Out now for iOS is the highly anticipated game Avengers Initiative. Graphics are the closest I’ve ever seen to console quality. Fans of the Infinite Blade series will find game play very familiar, because it is! Attacks are made by swilling at the screen, block by tapping an on screen icon, dodge left or right by doing the same. The game is set to be released in four part episodic updates with the first being The Incredible Hulk’s adventure. I highly suggest this gam even to those not fans of the series.



Review: Captain America iPhone 4/4S Case By 86hero



Available for iPhone 4/4S by 86hero is the Captain America iPhone case. To look at the case one could think the back plate is brushed aluminum but holding it tells a different story. The case is 100% durable plastic. The case itself is 3 pieces, a top and bottom frame that fits together and the hard plastic back plate. The case adds 0 weight to the phone. The only downside is the iPhone will no longer sit flat on any surface with this case on, unless that bothers you it should not be a problem. 86hero payed amazing attention to detail with the Captain America shield and logo. Any fan of the Captain America franchise must definitely pick up this case.

Avengers Initiative iOS App is live.



Marvel has officially launched the “Avengers Initiative: a Marvel Second Screen App” for iOS compatible with iPhone and iPad style iDevices. If you tap on on the Item 47 icon it takes you to a puzzle that, upon completion, starts a count down timer.


Using the power of Google I have learned that Item 47 refers to a DVD extra clip that shows a couple that found a shintari gun after the events of the movie, and use it to go on a crime spree. S.H.I.E.L.D. gets involved deeming the gun “item 47”. With the Avengers DVD/Blu-ray release set for September developers state that the app will be update over the next 3 months with exclusive content. Upon movie release the app will also act as a second screen delivering various content to your mobile device as you watch the movie. Mark your calendars Marvel’s Avengers will be in stores on September 25th.