What I’d Like To See In iOS 7’s Public Release!


With the rumored release of iOS 7 coming next month I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I’d Like to see added before release. Since beta 1, iOS 7 has feature two dynamic wallpapers. Upon the golden master release or the public release there needs to be a method of installing your own dynamic wallpapers. i find it hard to belive that apple would leave us with only the two they provided without any method of installing more! Also we need a more thinner notification banner. To many times have I been in the middle of doing something and I need to push a button at the top of my screen but cant because the notification is there and is taking to long to go away. With one mure beta and then the GM let’s hope there’s more changes on the way.


UPDATED!!! iOS 7 Beta 4 Expected Today!


As has been rumored since the (partial) return of Apple’s dev. center, iOS 7 beta 4 is expected today at 10 AM PST. Many non reputable blogs have been saying that Apple will scrap beta 4 and jump to beta 5. if this were true then that would mean, if Apple is truly maintaining a bi-weekly beta release, that we won’t see beta 5 until next Monday. Of course this page will be updated when the next beta of iOS 7 is released.

UPDATE: iOS 7 Beta 4 is now live via OTA and the developer center!


HOW-TO: OTA Update Jailbroken iPad on iOS 5 Beta!



User GTech3752 over at the Mac Rumors forum has posted that he has found a way to trick Apple into letting you OTA update your jailbroken iOS 5 beta device. There is no confirmation either in the post or by myself that this works. It is rumored that a beta update is to be released today so, if that happens I will test out this “tweak”. So heres how it works.

Using ifile or SSH methods go to “system>library>coreservices”

Open and edit “SystemVersion.plist”

Add these lines if they do not exist…


Next simply respring or reboot.

Once an OTA update has been released you can test this out just as I will.