Coming Soon! Crazy Taxi: City Rush.


For those of you old enough to remember the Sega Dreamcast, which launched to mediocrity in the U.S. on 9/9/99, there was a widely popular game “Crazy Taxi” (available free as of this post on the AppStore). Coming soon from the same creators is “Crazy Taxi: City Rush”. Players rush about picking up passengers and whisking them off to their destinations collecting coins and increasing their score by doing various tricks along the way.




Currently on sale for Valentine’s Day at 99¢, Crazy Hedgy for iOS by CYBERTIME. This game has amazing graphic qualities which could be seen to go toe-to-toe with console games. There are very little controls for this game beyond the tilt controls. You can tap the left of the screen to punch and the right to jump. Occasionally buttons appear on screen in which you must tap to dodge an incoming swinging log. Crazy Hedgy gameplay is a lot like Super Monkey Ball but, in my opinion, this game is much much easy to control in terms of acceleration. Also available is a lite version for those that want to try before you buy!