Asphalt 8 Going Airborne Soon



Now available on the New Zealand AppStore and soon to an AppStore near you Asphalt 8: Airborne is a gamer’s delight. Airborne will have you racing, jumping, and stunting your way to fun. Asphalt 8 features an amazing soundtrack featuring many dubstep and electro tracks your surely to recognize. Keep a watch out for this awesomely fun game in the AppStore and grab it for just 99¢.







UPDATED!!! REVIEW: The Dark Night Rises For iOS



Available for iOS is The Dark Knight Rises. The game is based on the plot of the movie. Sadly I can’t give a proper review of the game because every time I start it up and get to the point pictured below and the game crashes. Sadly this isn’t even 5 minutes into the game.

So I would keep an eye on the AppStore for an update past 1.0.0 as the current version crashes BAD. I’ve read on other blogs that the app is bad about app crashes so my issue isn’t unique. What a shame on Gameloft for releasing a sub-par product!

After deleting the app from my iPhone, restarting, then re-installing the app it runs much better but not without the typical memory based crashes. Gameplay is very simple as with every iOS game of this type. Pressing one button sends out a combo of kicks and punches. Another is jumping or gliding. Movement is made possible by a virtual stick that only appears when touching the left of the screen and sliding your thumb around the right side changes the view point. Being a game somewhat on par with PSP graphics the price is fairly good. Back in the early days of the AppStore this game could have easily cost $19.99. If you don’t mind the random memory based crashes I definitely suggest grabbing this game. I’d give this a rating of 8 out of 10, one point lost for controls and one for crashes! Thoughts and prayers to the families of the 12 lives lost at The Dark Knight Rises premier in Aurora Co.!


REVIEW: Asphalt 7: Heat



Currently listed under editors choice, and rightly so, is Gameloft’s Asphalt 7: Heat. A7:H is a top notch racing game with graphics on par with Real Racing 2. There are several cups for you to race your way through, with each cup having 3 themed races to run through; such as elimination and normal race, with the final race being the race for the cup. As mentioned graphics are amazing. The game has a stellar professional sounding dubstep soundtrack any dj would be proud to play. Unfortunately your are unable to use your own music to race to in the game. The game features many well known vehicle makes and models from a Dodger Charger to a Mini Cooper, no generic cars here! I myself am not a big racing fan even when video games are concerned, this one looked interesting and I haven’t been able to put it down yet, well except to write this review! Whether your a fan of racing games or not this game is surely a great buy.



Gameloft’s iOS EPIC FAIL with Backstab!


So I recently downloaded “Backstab” by Gameloft for iPad. The game itself is not bad, its basically Assassin’s Creed without The Animus and set in colonial England. The reason this game is given the EPIC FAIL stamp of dissapproval is because of the major bugs in the current version as of this post. As you can see minor characters are blue digital blobs; smoke, light shines, cannons, and enemy ships to name a few are all pink blobs! To say this game was rushed is to state the obvious. Before you comment “Did you uninstall, reboot, then reinstall?” yes I did… twice! While I do suggest this game I also suggest waiting till a version higher than 1.0.0 is released!