Signs Of Apple’s Demise.


With the recent iOS 6 Apple Maps debacle, now the delay of iTunes 11, and the recent firing of several executives are we seeing the rise or the fall of Apple?! Where Apple Maps is concerned it has been stated that Apple’s license with Google’s map service had at least another year before expiring. Apple, at the hand of Scott Forstall, decided to go ahead and launch their own map service while knowingly including several mistakes. Later the company issued an apology on their site which Mr. Forstall refused to sign which caused his boot from Apple. Sign number one of Apple’s demise?

At Apple’s September iPhone 5 launch event they previewed iTunes 11 and announced a “by October’s end” release. October 31st came and by the last hour of the day Apple announced that iTunes 11 was delayed until “November’s end”. With only 3 days left as of this posting many Apple watchers and fanboys alike are speculating that Apple will again delay iTunes 11 for yet another month possibly longer. Is Apple on a downward slope to no longer being the number 1 tech company? Only time will tell.


My Experience With Siri


Apple launched Siri, the virtual assistant, to the masses on the company’s iPhone 4S some 9 months ago. Since then opinions of the robotic assistant are mixed, to say the least. With a low success rate it’s no wonder many people are praising Google’s own virtual assistant now available on “Jelly Bean”. I have used Siri to send/reply to text messages, query the weather, queue up music and change the track, and voice dictation. The only real issue I continue to have is with sending a text message, reply is flawless. When I try to send a message the bubble, 9 times out of 10, stays on a dotted line message bubble. Siri dictation has been hit or miss, often mistaking simple words for something far fetched and off the wall. I have often times pulled a “Zoey Deschanel”, asking Siri if it is raining while its actually raining and got responses saying “No, it does not appear to be raining”. Apple stated that the virtual assistant will always be in beta, meaning they will be always adding features, but some basic features need to really be fixed. Many people that use Siri regularly know how to talk to Siri to get their desired results, the layman is the one that usually has the problem. With the average user having issues Apple’s commitment to making things easier is no longer valid if the everyday man can’t use its products. With iOS 6 expected in October with a tone of new features one can only hope they will address older issues without bringing more to the assistant.