AirServer For Windows and Mac


For a long time only current generation Apple TV owners could bask in the glory of iOS AirPlay Mirroring. That is until now! AirServer is a simple tool that acts as an AirPlay end-point for both mac and pc. Currently the windows version doesnt stream audio of any kind but the developers state they are working to bring that version up to date with the mac version.

The game console for Mac/PC has arrived.
Combine your Mac/PC + iPhone/iPad into the ultimate gaming console. Simply install AirServer on your Mac/PC and beam over your favourite iOS games.
AirServer is also the first and only software that can Mirror your iPhone/iPad to your Windows PC.

Download Today!!


HOW-TO: OTA Update Jailbroken iPad on iOS 5 Beta!



User GTech3752 over at the Mac Rumors forum has posted that he has found a way to trick Apple into letting you OTA update your jailbroken iOS 5 beta device. There is no confirmation either in the post or by myself that this works. It is rumored that a beta update is to be released today so, if that happens I will test out this “tweak”. So heres how it works.

Using ifile or SSH methods go to “system>library>coreservices”

Open and edit “SystemVersion.plist”

Add these lines if they do not exist…


Next simply respring or reboot.

Once an OTA update has been released you can test this out just as I will.


REVIEW: iOS 5, Things You May Have Not Seen.


With the public release of iOS 5 just days away I thought I’d share some of the little tidbits other sites may have over looked in their reviews. First up is while your syncing your device via wi-fi sync or via a sync cable you can still use the device. Content is added to the device in the same manner as downloading it from its respective store. Inside Game Center their is a friend suggestion box on the friends tab that is much like the “People You May Know” tab on facebook. Tapping on said box opens a last of suggestions based on friends you already have. So far that’s the only two things I’ve noticed that other blogs haven’t. More is definetly to come as they’re found!




iOS 5 Announced! 200 New Features, Top Ten Featured.



1. Notification Center.

No more notification interuptions! Swipe down to reveal Notification Center, a home for all recieved notifications. The on screen pop up is that of Mobile Notifier and similiar to the Android notification center.

2. iMessage.

Think BBM for iOS! Any iOS 5 user on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch can send messages containing text, video, or images to one another. Theres no word on how it works but one can bet it will use your Apple I.D.!

3. Newsstand

Just the same as iBooks but exclusively for magazines!

4. Reminders.

So leave it to Apple to revolutionise the to-do list!

5. iOS wide Twitter intergration.

Tweet sites, photos, and more to your friends!
6. Camera.

Volume up to snap a photo!

7. Photos.

Crop and rotate photos on screen.


Reading list and tabbed browsing.

9. PC FREE!!! (Possibly the best feature!)

You no longer need to own a personal computer to use an iOS 5 device. Download iOS updates over the air in “delta” form (only what has changed)!

10. Other features:

New mail, calender, game center, and now WI-FI SYNC!!! (if jailbroken you’ve been able to do this for a while now!

Deatils on these features can be found <a href="here!