Evasi0n iOS 6 Jailbreak Set For Monday Release.


The jailbreak tool known as Evasi0n has been set for a Monday at Noon Eastern time release. Many expected a Super Bowl Sunday release but such did not happen. Just sit tight its almost here!


UPDATED!! iOS 6 Launch Today… Here’s Some Tips!


With iOS 6 set to launch at 1pm Eastern know that the servers could be slammed for most of the day and possibly till the late late hours of the night. If the excitement is to much for you or you want it now you can seek out the golden master (GM) version which is the same version that will be released to the public later today. Below are the estimated launch times by timezone and cities…

Note that there is no knowledge of iOS 6 being available over OTA download as this is only the second major OS to support OTA download… it may require a direct download via iTunes. Remember to upgrade to iOS 6 you will need iTunes 10.7 and iTunes 11 that was shown at the keynote last week wont be available till October! REMEMBER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DEVELOPER TO INSTALL THE iOS 6 GOLDEN MASTER VERSION NOR DO YOU NEED TO RE-INSTALL iOS 5.1.1! Below are several links to the iOS 6 Golden Master from various sources (remember torrents are faster)…

Jailbreak iOS 6
Jailbreak Station

UPDATE: iOS 6 is publically available to the masses also via OTA to iOS 5 users.

My Experience With Siri


Apple launched Siri, the virtual assistant, to the masses on the company’s iPhone 4S some 9 months ago. Since then opinions of the robotic assistant are mixed, to say the least. With a low success rate it’s no wonder many people are praising Google’s own virtual assistant now available on “Jelly Bean”. I have used Siri to send/reply to text messages, query the weather, queue up music and change the track, and voice dictation. The only real issue I continue to have is with sending a text message, reply is flawless. When I try to send a message the bubble, 9 times out of 10, stays on a dotted line message bubble. Siri dictation has been hit or miss, often mistaking simple words for something far fetched and off the wall. I have often times pulled a “Zoey Deschanel”, asking Siri if it is raining while its actually raining and got responses saying “No, it does not appear to be raining”. Apple stated that the virtual assistant will always be in beta, meaning they will be always adding features, but some basic features need to really be fixed. Many people that use Siri regularly know how to talk to Siri to get their desired results, the layman is the one that usually has the problem. With the average user having issues Apple’s commitment to making things easier is no longer valid if the everyday man can’t use its products. With iOS 6 expected in October with a tone of new features one can only hope they will address older issues without bringing more to the assistant.

WWDC Keynote Tomorrow, iOS 6 And OS X Announcements.



With iOS 6 set to debut at the WWDC keynote this Monday, along with other OS X announcements, the rumor mill has been in full churn for months. The main focus of many rumors of iOS 6 has been the introduction of Apple’s own in house maps. With all the rumored features that have been floating about that we are likely to see come Monday there’s one feature I’d like to see, device-to-device airplay mirroring. The main reason I think this is useful is for the gamers. Many households may own an iPhone and iPad, or multiple iPod touch’s and an AppleTV or whatever combination of devices you can think up. With AirServer for Mac, PC, and iOS you can AirPlay to other devices without the need of an apple tv. Many people don’t see the need in buying an AppleTv with its limitations therefore have another iOS device that they can connect to a tv. This is where the airplay mirroring comes into play. Apple could become a gaming powerhouse by allowing device to device AirPlay mirroring via hdmi out. Many dedicated gamers prefer playing big titles like N.O.V.A. 3 on a bigger external monitor without a distracting and cumbersome hdmi cable sticking out from their device. With the WWDC keynote in 24 hours be sure to expect a full wrap up here at thePADblog!