Appellancy the New Facial Recognition System for iOS.


Created by Elijah Frederickson and available on his repo is Appellancy. The Tweak is exactly the same solution for facial recognition as RecogniseMe was, but supports iOS 7. Here’s More info from his reddit page:

Appellancy is a next-generation face recognition tweak for your device that supports all iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS 7. It is nearly flawless in its recognition[1] . It integrates into the native look and feel of iOS 7 so well that you’ll wonder why Apple didn’t create it.
Currently Appellancy supports facial recognition to unlock your device. See down lower for incorporating into other tweaks and stuff.
It has an app icon on the homescreen for registering and testing faces, and a settings page to configure options. No icons yet, however; I have no designing skills :P.
Some (most?) of you may think that Facial Recognition is inherently insecure (or dangerous).
Yes, it is somewhat inherently insecure. A picture could dupe it. Or a look-alike. Or a random glitch. Or whatever. However, what makes Appellancy so much more secure is that it, by default, includes a database entry of random faces (don’t worry, none of those random faces are people that would actually use Appellancy – it’s mostly celebs/dead people/etc) to populate a deny entry. This causes Appellancy to deny (nearly) any face except yours.
In my highly unscientific tests of scanning faces off Google images to see if it matched, only one or two of at least fifty were accepted. By enhancing this database and the facial recognition methods in the future it will become even more secure.
Currently if you add ~50 or more faces it begins to lag on startup due to the training of the recognizer. I’m looking into saving/loading the recognizer data/state or something to drastically speed it up.
Appellancy features an incredibly simple API for use in other projects.
Appellancy was designed to be used system-wide. It features an incredibly simple API for other tweaks to use. I hope to someday see it integrated into tweaks such as BioLockdown, BioProtect, iTouchSecure, AppLockWhatever, etc. I have yet to put up the documentation and sample project though. That will be done by release.
This beta expires on April 1, 2014. At which point, it will either be submitted to a default repo (probably for $1.99 unless you guys think it should be less) or a new beta will be released if it isn’t yet ready.
If a designer would like to create an icon set (for the application, settings page, and a Flipswitch toggle) that would be great, and I am willing to compensate them for their work. The same goes for a web designer to help create a beautiful web site/page for Appellancy.
I also have plans to create an advertisement video/screenshots for Appellancy by release time.
Official (currently crappy and thrown together) website and some other beta information:
If people would like to use/test it, please do. BUT, please report any bugs you encounter, enhancements you’d like to see, etc.
[1] – like I said previously, there are some bugs and whatnot. Different lighting scenarios will mess it up too. Edit: Beards seem to work fine! glasses do too.


iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Here!!!


In a surprise to many jailbreak enthusiasts the Evasi0n team released a jailbreak for iOS 7.x.x as a surprise early Christmas present. The tool comes with only one caveat…. mobilesubstrate which is required to run many tweaks such as winterboard isn’t fully compatible with iOS 7… yet. An update for mobilesubstrate is expected very soon to fix the issue. So head on over to the source link to get your iOS 7 jailbreak on. But remember, as always in the early days of any jailbreak many tweaks and apps wont be compatible!

Source:Evasi0n Jailbreak

iOS 7, What Dreams May Come



With the September iPhone event scheduled for this Tuesday it is safe to say that iOS 7 GM will be released to developers along with the announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C. All through the beta period dynamic wallpapers have been a huge staple. Hopefully with the official firmware Apple will give us access to new dynamic wallpapers much in the way live wallpapers are available in the Google Play store. It has been rumored that a surprise feature in iOS will be revealed but no rumors other than the finger print scanner have surfaced. Many on twitter have complained about the bugs in iOS 7 beta 6, I myself haven’t experienced any since beta 4. Many are speculating that Apple will forego the GM and skip right to the public release. There are a million reason this will never happen. A little use of Google will tell you why this won’t happen. Of course until Apple makes an official statement everything is 100% speculation.

What I’d Like To See In iOS 7’s Public Release!


With the rumored release of iOS 7 coming next month I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I’d Like to see added before release. Since beta 1, iOS 7 has feature two dynamic wallpapers. Upon the golden master release or the public release there needs to be a method of installing your own dynamic wallpapers. i find it hard to belive that apple would leave us with only the two they provided without any method of installing more! Also we need a more thinner notification banner. To many times have I been in the middle of doing something and I need to push a button at the top of my screen but cant because the notification is there and is taking to long to go away. With one mure beta and then the GM let’s hope there’s more changes on the way.