Apple’s Effect On Users If They Drop The iPhone 5.


Many Apple blogs have reported that this September Apple could drop the iPhone 5 in support of the rumored cheaper iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. This could ultimately be bad for the users. Once the iPad 2 came out Apple then Dropped support for the first generation model, stores stopped selling it, and Apple stopped firmware updates for it with iOS 5.1.1. If Apple does in fact drop The iPhone 5 this could spell trouble for the device the same as it did for the first generation iPad. Apple will end firmware releases or at least make the firmware render the device so slow and useless that it will make people want to upgrade as they did with iPad 1. Stores and carriers would obviously stop selling the device. My personal hopes are that the purported iPhone 5C is a cheap model only intended for emerging markets as it has been rumored. If Apple does drop the iPhone 5 in favor of a low cost iPhone and a higher end iPhone 5S that shows that the company is bowing to market pressure just so it can compete with the many cheap Android devices. I think Apple has finally reached the post Steve Jobs era and doing things he would have never allowed. Since everything is only speculation ’till the September media event one can only hope Apple doesn’t drop the iPhone 5.


Need More Galaxy Wallpapers for iOS 7…


Did the new stock galaxy wallpaper in iOS 7 make you want more. Here are several galaxy themed wallpapers perfect for parallax on iOS 7! Just click on the image then right click> open image> save image as!

How Apple Can Save Their Stale Homescreen!


iOS 5 Homescreen

The iOS home screen has, for the most part, been the same since the phone’s introduction in 2007 with the exception of the dock changing and the addition of home screen wallpaper. Unless your iPhone is jailbroken then your home screen has become stale and boring. The only other changes Apple has brought to iOS is the shape of the switch buttons seen in the settings app. Many Apple users have grown tired of the current UI. Jailbreakers have fixed this issue by downloading such theme managers as Winterboard and Dreamboard. For those faithful iDevice users that choose not to jailbreak are left with the standard UI. My issue with themes available in cydia is not one theme changes every app icon available leaving some installed app icons looking out of place compared to those icons that did get themed thus ruining the experience and point of themeing. Unless Apple completely changes the UI they could add a section to the app store just for themes. Of course then every theme could come with a companion app that allowed you to import icons that didn’t come with the theme and automatically themed that icon and added to the system or the theme somehow. Granted my idea may not work but with all the people at Apple there is no doubt they could make it an amazing experience. For Apple to stay on top changing the hardware from year to year wont be enough. Over the years the Android UI really hasn’t changed only the color scheme and layout . Apple could learn a lesson or two from Android in that respect. With a very limited set of features of iOS 6 revealed at WWDC Apple could still surprise us with a user interface change at the iPhone 6 announcement event. Fingers crossed.

14 Hours Until Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event — Rumor Round Up.



With Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event 14 hours away (12 Noon CDT) I thought it would be fitting to cover a few rumors floating around the blogs! As with anything Apple no rumor is a guarantee of there being a final product.

iOS 5:

Nothing new to expect in this department other than the announcement of a public released with a GM release to developers at the very least. In the past few weeks it has been said that Facebook will have announcements tomorrow including an iPad app, system wide integration (like twitter), and their HTML5 based tools code named “Project Spartan”. Another rumored announcement is “Assistant”, a voice controlled system for obtaining specific info like sports scores or on various topics. Though this feature is not the same as Apple’s “Voice Control” which is for literally what the name states, allowing voice dial and cueing up songs in the iPod app.


Again nothing new is expected here that wasn’t announced at WWDC ’11. iCloud is meant to be your hard drive in the sky saving idevice backups, contacts, and more.

iPhone 4/4s/5/3Gs:

Several rumors are floating around concerning new and existing iPhones. One is that there will be no iPhone 5 but instead an iPhone 4s with the iPhone 4 becoming only available in 8Gb and replacing the 3Gs. Another rumor is the same as previously stated except with the iPhone 3Gs becoming free on contract. One rumor says there will be a Sprint exclusive iPhone 5 with the 4 inch screen, tear drop shape, and A5 chip and 8mp camera with the iPhone 4s getting the A5 chip and 8mp camera.

Unfortunately Apple will not be livestreaming the event but will make the final recording event available on the company’s website. If you’d like to follow the events as they unfold you can follow @MacRumorsLive on twitter or follow their live blog. Of course a summary of the media event will be posted on this blog along with links and possibly embedded video. Heres to hoping all your iPhone and iOS dreams come true at the keynote tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. pacific.