Avengers Initiative iOS App is live.



Marvel has officially launched the “Avengers Initiative: a Marvel Second Screen App” for iOS compatible with iPhone and iPad style iDevices. If you tap on on the Item 47 icon it takes you to a puzzle that, upon completion, starts a count down timer.


Using the power of Google I have learned that Item 47 refers to a DVD extra clip that shows a couple that found a shintari gun after the events of the movie, and use it to go on a crime spree. S.H.I.E.L.D. gets involved deeming the gun “item 47”. With the Avengers DVD/Blu-ray release set for September developers state that the app will be update over the next 3 months with exclusive content. Upon movie release the app will also act as a second screen delivering various content to your mobile device as you watch the movie. Mark your calendars Marvel’s Avengers will be in stores on September 25th.