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Avaible now to stream music from your iOS device is Shairport4w! Available here. Simply download the app and instantly your pc is detected as an airtunes emulator. You can even stream iTunes to another pc. No install required! Now if you want video and pictures over airplay check out airplay for windows media center.

NEW SINGLE: Lady Gaga- Born This Way!


Never mind the remarks of the song sampling Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and the covert art looks like Kylie Minogues “2 Hearts” album, this song is amazing. This song sets the spirit free and tells you to embrace who you are no matter if “You love him or capital H-I-M”! If the lead single from the mother monster’s new album of the same name is this amazing one could only speculate at how amazing the album will be. Lady Gaga herself was quoted as saying this album will change the world. That’s pretty high expectations to put on one album but I have faith that Ms. Gaga will deliver on said promise. Now, don’t forget to put on your calendars that Lady Gaga will be on 60 minutes this Sunday before The Grammy’s and will be performing “Born This Way” on The Grammy’s! In closing every lyric to “Born This Way” are most definitely words to live by.

“Born This Way” on iTunes

UPDATE!: As of writing this Lady Gaga has broken a record on iTunes for fastest single to go number 1!