iTunes 11 Is FINALLY Here



Either visit or just run Apple software update!


WWDC Keynote Tomorrow, iOS 6 And OS X Announcements.



With iOS 6 set to debut at the WWDC keynote this Monday, along with other OS X announcements, the rumor mill has been in full churn for months. The main focus of many rumors of iOS 6 has been the introduction of Apple’s own in house maps. With all the rumored features that have been floating about that we are likely to see come Monday there’s one feature I’d like to see, device-to-device airplay mirroring. The main reason I think this is useful is for the gamers. Many households may own an iPhone and iPad, or multiple iPod touch’s and an AppleTV or whatever combination of devices you can think up. With AirServer for Mac, PC, and iOS you can AirPlay to other devices without the need of an apple tv. Many people don’t see the need in buying an AppleTv with its limitations therefore have another iOS device that they can connect to a tv. This is where the airplay mirroring comes into play. Apple could become a gaming powerhouse by allowing device to device AirPlay mirroring via hdmi out. Many dedicated gamers prefer playing big titles like N.O.V.A. 3 on a bigger external monitor without a distracting and cumbersome hdmi cable sticking out from their device. With the WWDC keynote in 24 hours be sure to expect a full wrap up here at thePADblog!