Here Is An iCloud Photo Stream Of Retina Wallpapers For Ya!


This photo stream will constantly be updated!

iPhone 4/4S Retina Wallpaper iCloud Photo Stream


“Candy Stripe” Retina iPhone Wallpapers


By Daniel Waldron

Introducing the New iPad


Announced just yesterday is the new iPad. The rumors of it being dubbed the iPad 3 or iPad HD proved to be untrue. Having just the iPad name could be a sign that Apple is stepping away from the numbering system such is the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Apple doesn’t name their MacBooks like MacBook ’11, it’s just simply MacBook. Considering the iPad is considered by most to be a computer in its own right, this only seems logical! It has a retina display at 2048×1536. Sports an A5X quad-core processor that is said to have better graphics and processing power than the Xbox 360 and PS3. It sports a 5 megapixel camera with backside illumination which is capable of 1080p recording like the iPhone 4S. The new iPad doesn’t have full Siri support but it does have dictation. One surprise that came from the keynote is that the new iPad now supports 4G LTE on the Verizon and AT&T networks. Pre-orders started yesterday with a street date of March 16th. Also announced was iPhoto for iPad and iPhone priced at $4.99 and updated more professional looking iMovie.