[OPINION] Why I May Leave The Jailbreak Scene Behind



If your jailbroken as I am you’ll know the many pitfalls that can come with it. Sure its GREAT to have a device freed from Apple’s proverbial prison. As awesome as it can be to have a themed device or special tweak installed that takes Apple’s software further, often times fixing a problem they thought they solved, it can also introduce bugs or lag; of which can be infuriating. The subject of this piece, as to why I would want to leave such a customized world far behind, begs for serious contemplation. While I love the software and hardware Apple designed at it’s core I don’t like the fact that other than changing the wallpaper and adding a case my device will look exactly like other stock iPhones around it. Some tweaks, like Controlers4All, I almost feel as if I can’t live without. Yes Apple has built in MFi controller support but that means I have to go out and spend another $100+. Why do that when I have a Wii U Pro controller already that I can use with the help of Controlers4All? Also why spend so much money when not a lot of games support MFi Controllers?

With all the wonderful things jailbreaking brings it also brings bugs. For the last few days as of this post I can look down at my device and see it in safe mode with crashreporter stating “there are no suspects”. Yes I could disable each tweak one by one using iCleaner or uninstall one by one but look at the hassle that comes along with that. Five tweaks removed just to find out it was the sixth one on the list just to have to reinstall those tweaks. Another thing is paid tweaks. The price of the average tweak isn’t really that bad but why pay for a tweak just for another iOS update to be released and if that version is jailbreakable said tweak may not get updated to add support. As any jailbreaker knows there have been many paid tweaks released never to be updated past version 1. Many, many themes don’t get updated for months after a new iOS release if at all, many of which are also paid themes. I understand that jailbreak devs develop tweaks in their spare time and charge to supplement their income for things like college expenses but why as a consumer would I want to pay for a tweak that may not make it to the newest, jailbreakable version iOS. That’s like going to a restaurant paying for the food just to take it home and immediately throw it away without eating a bite.

With iOS 9 right around the corner it is said that it may not be jailbreakable, or “rootless” leaving many to decide to stay on an older iOS just for the customization or upgrade for the latest features and security fixes. With every update Apple tries to give valid reason to not jailbreak, and block it, but there’s always room for improvement. Yes device customization in the way of themes is great and all but is it enough to stay on an older iOS? I myself am tired of the crashes with no explicable reason. What’s your thoughts?



How Apple Can Save Their Stale Homescreen!


iOS 5 Homescreen

The iOS home screen has, for the most part, been the same since the phone’s introduction in 2007 with the exception of the dock changing and the addition of home screen wallpaper. Unless your iPhone is jailbroken then your home screen has become stale and boring. The only other changes Apple has brought to iOS is the shape of the switch buttons seen in the settings app. Many Apple users have grown tired of the current UI. Jailbreakers have fixed this issue by downloading such theme managers as Winterboard and Dreamboard. For those faithful iDevice users that choose not to jailbreak are left with the standard UI. My issue with themes available in cydia is not one theme changes every app icon available leaving some installed app icons looking out of place compared to those icons that did get themed thus ruining the experience and point of themeing. Unless Apple completely changes the UI they could add a section to the app store just for themes. Of course then every theme could come with a companion app that allowed you to import icons that didn’t come with the theme and automatically themed that icon and added to the system or the theme somehow. Granted my idea may not work but with all the people at Apple there is no doubt they could make it an amazing experience. For Apple to stay on top changing the hardware from year to year wont be enough. Over the years the Android UI really hasn’t changed only the color scheme and layout . Apple could learn a lesson or two from Android in that respect. With a very limited set of features of iOS 6 revealed at WWDC Apple could still surprise us with a user interface change at the iPhone 6 announcement event. Fingers crossed.