iTunes 11 Is FINALLY Here



Either visit or just run Apple software update!


Absinthe 2.0 For 5.1/5.1.1 Near, Get Ready!!!


As it has been mentioned on twitter by @pod2g, Absinthe 2.0 will be released in the next 72 hours to the masses. Also it is rumored that as usual that the popular jailbreaking tool will be released to Mac users first then Windows users. But I’m sure that Windows users wont have to wait more than a day. Since the jailbreak tool is soon to be released I thought I’d give you some tips before updating and losing your jailbreaking!

As always sync and back up!

Make a list of installed tweaks and repo sources you’d like to re-install after jailbreaking. You can either do this manually or automatically by using various .deb back up tools found in cydia.

Copy any photos or videos that may be in your camera roll to your hard drive in case for some reason that didnt get copied with photo stream.

As always remember that some tweaks and apps may not be compatible with the newer firmware as the developer may not have had access to a jailbroken idevice on said newer firmware. If the cydia packages say “requires 5.x+” you should be ok to at least install it even though it may not be compatible with say 5.1.1! Keep it installed so that cydia can notify you when the package has been updated! As soon as the tool is released for both Windows and Mac i will post links and a “how-to” for those new to jailbreaking.

AirServer For Windows and Mac


For a long time only current generation Apple TV owners could bask in the glory of iOS AirPlay Mirroring. That is until now! AirServer is a simple tool that acts as an AirPlay end-point for both mac and pc. Currently the windows version doesnt stream audio of any kind but the developers state they are working to bring that version up to date with the mac version.

The game console for Mac/PC has arrived.
Combine your Mac/PC + iPhone/iPad into the ultimate gaming console. Simply install AirServer on your Mac/PC and beam over your favourite iOS games.
AirServer is also the first and only software that can Mirror your iPhone/iPad to your Windows PC.

Download Today!!

REVIEW: OnLive Desktop



Developer: OnLive
Price: FREE!!!
Minimum iOS: 4.3 (iPad only)

Available currently on iPad only is OnLive Desktop. Onlive Desktop gives you access to Windows 7 in the cloud and is currently the only os option, no word on other os options to come. Access is free for basic 5GB storage in the cloud with paid upgrade storage options. Features are pretty limited in the same way Windows is on an out of the box system. With OnLive Desktop you have access to Microsoft office suite including Power Point, Excell, and Word. Further info can be found at




Stream iTunes & iOS Music To PC With Shairport4w!


Avaible now to stream music from your iOS device is Shairport4w! Available here. Simply download the app and instantly your pc is detected as an airtunes emulator. You can even stream iTunes to another pc. No install required! Now if you want video and pictures over airplay check out airplay for windows media center.

Airplay for Windows 7 is here via Windows Media Center!


For those of us iDevice users who on windows can rejoice! Airplay is now possible through a Windows Media Center plugin created by Thomas Pleasance! It will work with Xbox 360 but by way of your media center pc. There is some trial and error with initially getting the plugin going but once the kinks are ironed out your good to go!

Click here for Windows Airplay goodness!