What I Would Like To See At WWDC 2013


With Apple’s 2013 WWDC this Monday I thought I’d take the time to share some of the things id like to see come out of the keynote. In my opinion seeing a new iPhone or iPhones announced seems unlikely considering Tim Cooke recently said that Apple’s year starts in October. Why release a new iPhone outside of that year! So lets get started….


Its more than obvious we’ll see iOS 7. The new Jony Ive designed OS is rumored to be “Black and white and flat all over.” With the many flat themes that exist on cydia that are inspired by the rumored iOS 7 I personally have grown to love and except a more minimal soft look.


As far as what I’d like to see in the new os is quick access to common settings in the settings menu. Apple is big on making things simple. Is it “simple” to open settings>general>iTunes Wifi Sync just to sync wirelessly (which by the way has never worked for me since it was introduced). Nor is it simple to go two menus deep to disable wifi. Items the user doesn’t need or find useful to them should be removeable. Spotlight on a Mac works fine. It sits in the corner of your screen and is there, on the iPhone it’s one page left of the homescreen and can be annoying if you swipe one page to many. I have no interest in stocks nor do I download magazines the stock and newstand apps should natively be removeable or at least can be hidden. The lockscreen could be customizable. Why they haven’t thought to make the clock and lock banners the same color as the device they’re on is a curious one. All-in-all there’s many rumored changes comming to iOS 7 at the hands of Jony Ive. Here’s to hopeful optimism in the wake of WWDC MMXIII!


14 Hours Until Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event — Rumor Round Up.



With Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event 14 hours away (12 Noon CDT) I thought it would be fitting to cover a few rumors floating around the blogs! As with anything Apple no rumor is a guarantee of there being a final product.

iOS 5:

Nothing new to expect in this department other than the announcement of a public released with a GM release to developers at the very least. In the past few weeks it has been said that Facebook will have announcements tomorrow including an iPad app, system wide integration (like twitter), and their HTML5 based tools code named “Project Spartan”. Another rumored announcement is “Assistant”, a voice controlled system for obtaining specific info like sports scores or on various topics. Though this feature is not the same as Apple’s “Voice Control” which is for literally what the name states, allowing voice dial and cueing up songs in the iPod app.


Again nothing new is expected here that wasn’t announced at WWDC ’11. iCloud is meant to be your hard drive in the sky saving idevice backups, contacts, and more.

iPhone 4/4s/5/3Gs:

Several rumors are floating around concerning new and existing iPhones. One is that there will be no iPhone 5 but instead an iPhone 4s with the iPhone 4 becoming only available in 8Gb and replacing the 3Gs. Another rumor is the same as previously stated except with the iPhone 3Gs becoming free on contract. One rumor says there will be a Sprint exclusive iPhone 5 with the 4 inch screen, tear drop shape, and A5 chip and 8mp camera with the iPhone 4s getting the A5 chip and 8mp camera.

Unfortunately Apple will not be livestreaming the event but will make the final recording event available on the company’s website. If you’d like to follow the events as they unfold you can follow @MacRumorsLive on twitter or follow their live blog. Of course a summary of the media event will be posted on this blog along with links and possibly embedded video. Heres to hoping all your iPhone and iOS dreams come true at the keynote tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. pacific.

WWDC 2011 is almost here! June 6th-10th.



With WWDC 2011 keynote this Monday, I thought I’d share my list of hopes for iOS 5!

1. Better notification system!

•The current notification sytem is a lot like a bratty child. If your in the middle of something and you get some sort of notification an annoying blue box pops up on top of what your doing and demands attention! This is especially annoying when playing games!

2. Widgets.

•This is an area where Android and even Windows Phone 7 prevails. A lot of times people just want to access quick info on the fly without journeying deep into an app. Why would i want to wait for the weather app to load just to see what its gonna be like outside when a quick tap on a widget can do it much fast?!

3. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the same time!!!

•Its all fine and dandy that apple FINALLY let us use a bt keyboard with our idevices without the need for jailbreaking but, whats the point if theres no mouse? You still have to put ur grimey fingers on the screen to make selections, especially text box selections to begin typing in info.

4. FM HD Radio

•While this isnt that big of a deal, since the broadcom chips inside all iDevices have FM transmitters flip them suckers on! Give us HD radio on the go and not just in our cars!