Absinthe 2 Is Here! How To Jailbreak.



Since Absinthe’s public release Friday at the Hack In The Box conference it has since been updated twice now sitting at version 2.0.2. Remember this tool only works for any device running iOS 5.1.1 excluding AppleTV 2 & 3. Since some of you are new to jailbreaking here’s my tutorial to add to the millions already out there.

1. Download Absinthe for your corresponding OS and unzip:


Windows XP/Vista/7

2. Open iTunes and sync your device allowing it to back up.

3. If running an older iOS, like 5.0.1, either click update or restore. If you’re jailbroken on 5.0.1 or lower you will have to restore in DFU mode.

4. Open the Absinthe folder you previously unzipped and click on “absinthe-win-2.0.2.exe” (for windows users). This will open a black command prompt box. Let it run and it will close on its own.

5. Open the newly created “Absinthe-win-2.0.2” folder and next click on “absinthe.exe”

6. If you want the process to be short and sweat on you iDevice got to settings-general-reset-erase all content and settings. This will cause a restore and your device will restart to the setup screen. If your on an iPhone wait for it to say your device is activated.


7. Whether or not you decided to erase all content and settings hit “jailbreak” and let the application run.

8. Once jailbroken return to iTunes and restore your backup from earlier. Right click on your device name under the ‘Devices’ menu in the left panel of iTunes and click ‘Restore from Back Up…’ then select the latest backup you created before. (restoring this backup will return all the content previously on your device ie, apps, photos, etc.)

9. Now just open Cydia and let it run its course. It will auto close just reopen and you’ll be asked to choose user, hacker, or developer. the layman should choose “user”.

10. Once cydia is done updating the built in sources go to the manage tab and select “sources” and add your custom sources here. you can find these by using Google

Here are some sources I use:

http://cydia.hackulo.us (cracked apps)




You may encounter errors with cydia when updating sources as it is being bogged down by people jailbreaking their devices which is to be expected when a new jailbreak tool is initially released to the public.


Absinthe 2.0 For 5.1/5.1.1 Near, Get Ready!!!


As it has been mentioned on twitter by @pod2g, Absinthe 2.0 will be released in the next 72 hours to the masses. Also it is rumored that as usual that the popular jailbreaking tool will be released to Mac users first then Windows users. But I’m sure that Windows users wont have to wait more than a day. Since the jailbreak tool is soon to be released I thought I’d give you some tips before updating and losing your jailbreaking!

As always sync and back up!

Make a list of installed tweaks and repo sources you’d like to re-install after jailbreaking. You can either do this manually or automatically by using various .deb back up tools found in cydia.

Copy any photos or videos that may be in your camera roll to your hard drive in case for some reason that didnt get copied with photo stream.

As always remember that some tweaks and apps may not be compatible with the newer firmware as the developer may not have had access to a jailbroken idevice on said newer firmware. If the cydia packages say “requires 5.x+” you should be ok to at least install it even though it may not be compatible with say 5.1.1! Keep it installed so that cydia can notify you when the package has been updated! As soon as the tool is released for both Windows and Mac i will post links and a “how-to” for those new to jailbreaking.