iPhone 5c Images Great For Wallpaper!


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Apple’s Effect On Users If They Drop The iPhone 5.


Many Apple blogs have reported that this September Apple could drop the iPhone 5 in support of the rumored cheaper iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. This could ultimately be bad for the users. Once the iPad 2 came out Apple then Dropped support for the first generation model, stores stopped selling it, and Apple stopped firmware updates for it with iOS 5.1.1. If Apple does in fact drop The iPhone 5 this could spell trouble for the device the same as it did for the first generation iPad. Apple will end firmware releases or at least make the firmware render the device so slow and useless that it will make people want to upgrade as they did with iPad 1. Stores and carriers would obviously stop selling the device. My personal hopes are that the purported iPhone 5C is a cheap model only intended for emerging markets as it has been rumored. If Apple does drop the iPhone 5 in favor of a low cost iPhone and a higher end iPhone 5S that shows that the company is bowing to market pressure just so it can compete with the many cheap Android devices. I think Apple has finally reached the post Steve Jobs era and doing things he would have never allowed. Since everything is only speculation ’till the September media event one can only hope Apple doesn’t drop the iPhone 5.

Is This The Box For The “Cheap” iPhone 5?



Could this be part of the packaging for the upcoming iPhone 5C? WeiPhone forums member Macotakara posted the above photo speculating that it is the back piece of the packaging for the new iPhone 5C. What the “c” could stand for is anyone’s guess. Credibility of the poster is questionable. This could very well be the packaging for a knock off phone.