Cydia Goes Flat for iOS 7


As of this post Cydia has been updated to match the look and feel of iOS 7. Though sadly it still includes the skueomorphic iOS 6 icon. But fortunately there’s a fix at






Here’s a look at the new “fixed” icon:



Apple’s Remote App Gets iOS 7 Redesign





On Monday Apple finally updated it’s iOS remote app. Included in the update is a beautifully redesigned “now playing” screen along with media picker lists and device chooser.

UPDATED!!! iOS 7 Beta 4 Expected Today!


As has been rumored since the (partial) return of Apple’s dev. center, iOS 7 beta 4 is expected today at 10 AM PST. Many non reputable blogs have been saying that Apple will scrap beta 4 and jump to beta 5. if this were true then that would mean, if Apple is truly maintaining a bi-weekly beta release, that we won’t see beta 5 until next Monday. Of course this page will be updated when the next beta of iOS 7 is released.

UPDATE: iOS 7 Beta 4 is now live via OTA and the developer center!




Currently on sale for Valentine’s Day at 99¢, Crazy Hedgy for iOS by CYBERTIME. This game has amazing graphic qualities which could be seen to go toe-to-toe with console games. There are very little controls for this game beyond the tilt controls. You can tap the left of the screen to punch and the right to jump. Occasionally buttons appear on screen in which you must tap to dodge an incoming swinging log. Crazy Hedgy gameplay is a lot like Super Monkey Ball but, in my opinion, this game is much much easy to control in terms of acceleration. Also available is a lite version for those that want to try before you buy!


REVIEW: Fahrenheit Free



Developer: Ned Kubica
Price: FREE!!!
iOS Minimum Requirement: 3.2

Available now from developer Ned Kubica is Fahrenheit. This is your basic weather app and pleasantly so. Fahrenheit comes with features such as animated weather satellites for your region, recent Earthquakes and an Earth view. The one flaw I noticed is that when you open the app it asks to use your location but the app never updates the location and weather on screen. You have to manually change your location via a button at the bottom of the screen and input your zip code. So why ask to use locaion in the first place?! Also, in the free edition the update interval is 3 hours and the temperture at the time you open the app stays in a notification bubble atop the app’s icon and never changes or disaapears. If you tap on the screen anywhere inside the app you get an audio read out of the current temp, forecast and city name!

iOS 5 Announced! 200 New Features, Top Ten Featured.



1. Notification Center.

No more notification interuptions! Swipe down to reveal Notification Center, a home for all recieved notifications. The on screen pop up is that of Mobile Notifier and similiar to the Android notification center.

2. iMessage.

Think BBM for iOS! Any iOS 5 user on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch can send messages containing text, video, or images to one another. Theres no word on how it works but one can bet it will use your Apple I.D.!

3. Newsstand

Just the same as iBooks but exclusively for magazines!

4. Reminders.

So leave it to Apple to revolutionise the to-do list!

5. iOS wide Twitter intergration.

Tweet sites, photos, and more to your friends!
6. Camera.

Volume up to snap a photo!

7. Photos.

Crop and rotate photos on screen.


Reading list and tabbed browsing.

9. PC FREE!!! (Possibly the best feature!)

You no longer need to own a personal computer to use an iOS 5 device. Download iOS updates over the air in “delta” form (only what has changed)!

10. Other features:

New mail, calender, game center, and now WI-FI SYNC!!! (if jailbroken you’ve been able to do this for a while now!

Deatils on these features can be found <a href="here!

UPDATED!!! Sunday is “FUNDAY”! iOS 4.3.1 JB incoming!


Image via

@MuscleNerd has confirmed that redsn0w, a jailbreak tool, has been set for a release today! The jailbreak is said to work on 4.3.1, no confirmation on support for 4.3! It is suggested that you open cydia and make a manual back up of all tweeks and apps that are important to you, that is if your going the restore route! Remember that no e.t.a. has been given other than today so dont start your nerdy bitching and moaning if its not released till sometime close to midnight! Remember it’s Sunday until 12:01 am! Also there is no word if running this over an already tethered 4.3 jailbreak will convert it to untethered! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

via @iH8sn0w:

“Fun tip: Whenever @i0n1c’s untether comes, you can run it right over a tethered sn0wbreeze jailbreak. :)”